Sales Associate Resume Example

A sales associate is that employee of a firm/company whose main objective is to sell and promote the company’s product or service. A sales associate is held accountable for catering to the demands of the consumers. Such an employee serves as a representative of the company and must have good communication and interpersonal skills.

For someone who wants to build a resume and to land the job of a sales associate in a reputed company, here is a sample which will guide them through it.

Sales Associate Resume Sample:


Name:                    Susan Mills

Residence:             3628 Stratford Street,

Piccadilly Circus,

London 3729424

Contact Number:  2517-362-382

Email id:      


  • High School Diploma, 2001

St. Bridges High School,

London. 3689242

  • Bachelors degree in International Relations, 2007

Mount ford College,

London 3829043.



Audit Coordinator (10/2007-6/2008)

  • Scored cent percent on the pricing section of the audit.
  • Issue of weekly notices, including the advertisements, price changed audits, etc.

Sales Associate (6/2008 till present)

  • Active and successful participation in the promotion of sales.
  • Maintenance of healthy, friendly relations with the customers.
  • Supervision of the staff for a constant increase in the revenues.


  • Handling the operations of the cash register.
  • Disciplining and schooling the new staff.
  • Handling the responsibility of promotion of a new product.
  • Maintaining a steady relationship with the consumers.
  • Division and allocation of work among the subordinates on the basis of merit and performance.
  • Active participant in the progress of the company.
  • Led a team of dedicated individuals to form strategy to increase the revenue earned by the company.
  • The overall personal and professional growth of the staff was taken into considerations.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office.

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