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Massage Therapist Resume Example

A massage therapist is a therapist who treats body pains, aches and knots by using his/her knowledge of soft tissues muscles of the body.  Massage therapist help to relieve pain, improve circulation, increase relaxation and relieve stress of the body.

To apply for the position of a massage therapist, one has to frame a resume consisting of the skills, qualifications, educational details and work experience so as to convince the employer of the suitability of the candidate for the job. The resume must be formal in nature and should have a professional tone. A sample of a massage therapist resume example is given below and can be used for the purpose of reference.

Sample Massage Therapist Resume Example

Personal details

Name: Jessica Ahern

Address: A-34, second floor, modern building, TV lane, New York

Telephone: 4739475093509

Age: 32 years

Gender: female

Career objective:

Seeking a job as a massage therapist in a reputed massage therapy clinic where I would be able to showcase my exceptional massage skills, my experience of working as a therapist and my passion for this field of work.

Work Experience

Jan 2004 to Jan 2006

Worked as a massage therapist at Jack n Hill massage therapy clinic where I won the best therapist award one year.

Feb 2006-Jan 2010

Worked as a massage therapist at New York International Hospital to treat people with physical disabilities.

Jan 2010-present

Worked as a massage therapist at Gregson Physiotherapy clinic where I was awarded with several acclaims time and again.

Education Requirements

  • Completed my high school education from St. Mary’s International School in New York in the year 2002
  • Completed my degree in massage therapy from New York in the year 2005.
  • Completed my licensing in massage therapy and became a registered massage therapist in the year 2006.