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Banking Resumes

Most people perceive careers in banking as just the simple execution of transactions such as processing deposits and withdrawals.  But in reality and practice, there is more to banking than just these two basic things but rather, it is concerned with more complex processes and operations.  The main thing that we have to understand about banking is that it involves flow of money.  Aside from deposits and withdrawals, loans, checking, interests and credits also take a big chunk of the banking industry.  Big money is loaned out to business clients who may be either borrowers or depositors of the bank.  Another relevant transaction in the bank is the accumulation of savings and equity shares.

To take on a career in banking, one must have competitive skills in calculating, data-analysis, problem-solving and troubleshooting and customer service.  Since a banking job deals with people who make transactions with the bank on a daily basis, aside from the technical and academic skills needed to efficiently carry out tasks, it is important that employees in the banking sector have pleasant personalities and good interpersonal communication skills.

In short, banking is the business of providing financial services to individual customers and businesses alike.  The bank manages the finances of the customers and make sure that both the bank and the customers get a good investment from the money entered.  A career in banking may be fulfilling to people who have passion for finance management and customer service.  It opens up a number of opportunities especially in commercial banks which have greater transactions than savings banks.

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