Registered Nurse Resume Example

One who has graduated from a Nursing School and obtained a certificate of passing of the National Licensing Exam is known as a registered nurse. The job of a registered nurse is to help individuals keep the diseases at bay. Some care for the sick and attend on patients in hospitals, health care facilities, mental asylums, public health agencies, private residences, while others are employed in the private practice. The regional college or association determine the scope of legal practice of the registered nurses as well the kind of tasks they can perform.

For the registered nurses, here is a sample resume given which would give them an edge over the others for an employment opportunity.

Registered Nurse Resume Sample

Personal Information

Name:         Athena Mills

Residence:  1253, Street of Leicester,

Lancashire 4628101

E-mail id:

Educational Experience

  1. Certificate of High School

Mackinwell Senior Secondary School.

Year of Graduation – 2002.

  1. Bachelor of Nursing

Mounford College of Science,

University of Utah.

Year of Graduation – 2006.

Work Experience

  1. Position-                                    Registered Nurse, OPD

Place of Work-                          St. Albert Medical Facility,

Lancashire 3829017

Responsibilities-                        a. To provide immediate care to emergency patients.

b. Perform the diagnosis

c. Work under the direct supervision of the doctor.

d. Prepare a report of progress of the patients and

assess them daily.

e. Inform the family of the patient’s condition and the

treatment program to be followed.

Achievements-                            Led a team and organized the Health Campaign to

make the denizens aware of the various kinds

of medical conditions.


  1. Obtained a license of practice under the Utah Nursing Council.


  1. Dean Singer

Graduate program Coordinator of St. Albert Medical Facility.

E-mail id:

Contact no: 8204720

  1. Cathy Williams

Nurse Unit Manager

St. Albert Medical Facility

E-mail id:

Contact no. 2693013819


  1. A dedicated and motivated individual with a passion to serve the sick.
  2. Experienced in OPD and neonatal care.

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