Project Manager Resume Example

Project Manager Resume

A project manager is a professional who manages a project and oversees the proper implementation of the project. The project manager scrutinizes the effective working of the project engineers and workmen and sees to it that the project is well undertaken.

The project manager should have efficient knowledge of the working processes in a project and should be able to handle it well.

Project Manager Resume Example

Francis Del

Gateway Street

Wales – 8473

Phone: 65-336-22



Summary of Qualification:

  • Capable of handling projects and assignments efficiently.
  • Capable of making effective strategic operations and plans in implementing the project.
  • Possess management and organizational skills and good communication skills to develop the project.

Career Experience/Job History:


Standline Inc.

Project Manager

  • Recruited project workmen and scheduled work for them.
  • Implemented goals for the employees to finish on timelines
  • Supervised working conditions and work of the employees.
  • Scrutinized blueprints and design graphs in accordance with the project.
  • Evaluated work plans and organized resources for the work


Ford Establishments

Project Manager

  • Ensured meeting targets and deadlines for projects.
  • Communicated with engineers to evaluate the work progress.
  • Managed records and project documents and evaluated budgets.
  • Reviewed project plans and strategies to implement them.

Educational Qualification:

1997-2000: Bachelors in Management Evaluation, School of Management Studies.

2000-2002: Masters in Management Evaluation, School of Management Studies.

Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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