Physiotherapist Resume Example

Physiotherapist Resume

A Physiotherapist is a person who provides physiotherapy exercises and activities to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and proper functioning of the body organs. This includes providing services in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, disease or environmental factors.

A physiotherapist is required having knowledge of the human body function and ways of developing and maintaining fitness to it. The physiotherapist in a sports team is responsible for evaluating and maintaining the overall health and fitness scenario of the players.

Physiotherapist Resume Example

David Gill

Prince Street



Phone: 76-332-656


Summary of Qualification:

  • Efficiently delivered the best service to maintain the fitness and health of the players in top condition.
  • I have good knowledge base of physiotherapy both theoretically and practically.
  • I am an experienced professional having worked in the national team assisting them as a senior physiotherapist in the Games.

Career Experience/Job History:


National Team,

Senior Physiotherapist

  • Conducted physiotherapy sessions for the fitness of the players.
  • Developed and implemented strength and conditioning programs for the players.
  • Assisted them in fitness camps and fitness therapies.


Youth Club,


  • Gave exercises and therapies to use in daily routine to maintain health.
  • Assisted in the physiotherapy camps with new updated instruments of exercising
  • Evaluated surgeries of players and assisted them in their recovery healing therapies.


2001-2003: B.S in Physical Therapy, Institute of Health Training.

2003-2005: M.S in physical Therapy, Institute of Health Training.

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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