Pediatric Nurse Resume Example

A pediatric nurse is one who specializes in the field of medical practice and nursing, focusing primarily on attending on the babies, children, and teenagers. A pediatric nurse is employed in procedure areas, intensive care, clinics and general care, for their didactic skills. They are to be present on call on duty, even if it’s late at night. Such a nurse is adept in managing emergency situations and crisis management.

Here is a sample given of a Pediatric Nurse’s Resume, which would aid one in applying for a position of their preference.

Pediatric Nurse Resume Sample

Pediatric Nurse Resume

Personal Details:

Name: Susanne Millers

Address: 12, Cliff Road, Pennsylvania 392064026

E-mail id:

Contact no.: 3620-229-472

Educational Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing,

DEGD University, Pennsylvania.

Year of Graduation – 2006

2.   Masters in Family Nursing,

REIQ University, Thornhill Road, CA.

Year of Graduation: 2009

  1. Certificate in Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

Work Experience:

  1. Riverview Hospital, CA 3695201
  • Attending on the terminally ill pediatrics in a 20-bed PICU.
  • Experienced in arterial line monitoring, peritoneal dialysis, central venous monitor pressuring.
  • Period: 2009-2010
  1. Hershey’s Medical Facility, CA

Registered Nurse in Pediatrics Unit.

  • Been a source of communication to parents about the patient’s illness and the treatment and care to be followed.
  •  Looking after the patients during their stay in the medical facility


  1. Dr. Philip Spenser,

Riverview Hospital

Email id:

Contact no: 4620-372-372

2.  Dr. Alex Jordan, Head of Pediatrics Unit.

Hershey’s Medical Facility.

Email id:

Summary of skill sets:

  1. A good record of performance with excellent didactic and professional skills.
  2. Good organizational skills, with a keen sense of interest in learning new tips under guidance from a superior.
  3. Skilled in patient education and assessment.
  4. Experienced in handling terminally ill patients.

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