Pastry Chef Resume Example

A pastry chef is an individual who makes pastries or cakes in a cake shop, bakery or a restaurant. He comes up with new ideas and flavors in order to make a pastry and should have knowledge in the art of cake making. He should know how to turn the raw ingredients into a pastry. The resume of an individual applying for the position of a pastry chef should be unique so that it sets him apart from the other individual applying for similar position. The pastry chef resume should highlight his specialties and   mention his knowledge about current taste of the consumers.

Sample Pastry chef resume example

Nancy Myers

Date of birth: 14th of May 1982

Gender: Female

Address: 23 Time Square Street, Indiana, Florida 5678

Contact number: 39074944

Mobile number: 99-444-444-7353


I am an innovative individual who always loves to experiment with new flavors. I am aware the taste of the consumers in cakes and pastries. I am very creative and seek to work in the position of a pastry chef in a reputed cake shop.

Educational Qualification:

  • Advance Diploma in Pastry Making from XYZ Cooking School in the year 2010
  • Masters in hotel management from New York School of Hotel Management in the year 2009
  • Bachelors in hotel management from New York School of Hotel Management in the year 2007

Work experience:

Currently working at Hang Out Cake Shop since February 2011 in the position of a pastry chef. My job responsibility is to prepare pastries of various flavors before the lunch time and ensuring that they are displayed in the shop.

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