Ophthalmic Technician Resume Example

The role of an ophthalmic technician is very dynamic and requires precise skills. An ophthalmic technician is one who assists an ophthalmologist in performing eye surgeries. The role of an ophthalmic technician requires upkeep of vision screening machinery, handling of vision surgery instruments etc.

The candidate applying for the post of an ophthalmic technician is also required to possess qualities such as politeness, ability to communicate effectively with patients to understand symptoms, good interpersonal skills etc. All the qualities of the candidate must be well presented in the resume and an ophthalmic technician resume example is given below.

Sample Ophthalmic Technician Resume Example

Kay John

#22, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, London, NG9

112-334-5567 · kaysample@everymail.com

Career Objective

To work for an organization that gives me opportunities to grow in the long run as a senior ophthalmic technician.

Relevant Skills


  • Capable of interacting very well with patients and giving them correct information.
  • Possess excellent interpersonal skills to coordinate activities between patient and ophthalmologist.
  • Capable of managing activities of clinic in an orderly manner.
  • Possess good hands on experience in working on computers for entering and maintaining patient information.
  • Possess complete knowledge of rules laid down by authorities in usage of optometric instruments.


  • Capable of handling visual, biometric and tonometric activities.
  • Well versed in various vision related tests such as color test, contrast test, cornea test etc.
  • Possess good knowledge of anatomy and terminology of eyes.
  • Capable of handling all ophthalmic instruments independently without any support.

Employment History

Years                   Job Title, Name of hospital and Location

2007- Till present           Ophthalmic Technician, London Eye Hospital, London

Years          Job Title, Name of hospital and Location

2005-2007                      Junior Ophthalmic Technician, Leicester vision care hospital, London


Bachelor’s in Vision Care Management from Leicester University in the year 2005.

Personal information

Date of Birth: 01/03/1975
Employment Status: Full Time
Relationship status: Single


Reference available on request.

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