Nursing Student Resume Example

A student who is studying nursing as in one under preparation and undergoing an assessment period is a nursing student.  A lot of nursing students wish to take up a part-time job to either finance their personal expenses, get some experience which would prove beneficial for their career. But for students it is not very easy to land up a job at a reputed hospital or health facility. For this the students take help of the volunteer work they have done and other additional courses they have undertaken to enhance their career.

To help the young budding nurses, to land a job, here is a sample of a nursing student resume example given.

Nursing Student Resume Sample

Personal Details:

Name:                                                                                           Elizabeth Allen

Address:                                                                                        32, Norflox Street,

New York City.

E-mail id:                                                                            

Contact No:                                                                                   975-578-5739


To be offered the position of a staff nurse in your esteemed hospital, Apollo Diagnostics Center.



Course Institution Achievement


A.S. Nursing/ Registered Nurse. Constance Nursing Institution,

NYC 856392

GPA- 3.45


Diploma Amityville High School.

NYC 874204

Graduated Valedictorian
Bachelor of Science in Nursing St. Judes’ Institution,

NYC 638204

Distinction Awarded.

Work Experience:

Position Place of Work Duration


Nature of Work
  1. Nurse Assistant
ABCD Hospital.

Pennsylvania, 3894026.

10/2005 – 6/2006
  • Performed ADLs
  • Monitored intake of medicines.
  • Physical Assessments
     2. Student Nurse GHIE Hospital,

Rowland Street, North Pennsylvania 6462842.

8/2006 – 12/2006
  • Assisted in Labor Operations and prepared patients for caesarean operations.
  • Administered Intra Venous to patients.
  • Monitoring the pulse.
  • Perform blood tests.


  1. Dedicated and motivated towards service of patients.
  2. Well organized with a keen interest to learn about the new medications and how to administer them.
  3. Punctual in approach towards work.
  4. Capable of putting in extra hours and working overtime, as well as on weekends.

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