Nurse Assistant Resume Example

A nurse assistant is one who works under the direction of the medical staff, especially a nurse. These people are trained to work in various settings, such as hospitals, mental asylums, residence of patients, etc. They are hired to lend a hand to the patient in his routine activities and perform certain nursing and other bedside activities of keeping the surroundings of the patient clean.

If you are a nurse assistant looking for work, well the first step to go about it is to have a good resume. To help you build one for yourself, here is a sample given:

Nurse Assistant Resume Sample

Personal Details:

Name:    Josephine Vivar

Address: 14/7 Upper Hill State,

California, 883-7563.

E-mail id:

Mobile Number : 098-887-8766


Claremont Heights High School,

California, 48392-89.

Year of passing-2006

Work Experience:

  1. A Primary Care Provider at 46, East Hilltop, California.

Taken care of terminally ill father, suffering from blood cancer, all on own.

Learnt the basics of analyzing a patient’s condition under the guidance of a nurse.

Provided the nurse with all the assistance and help required to bathe, dress and feed the patient.

Purpose and Objectives:

  1. A motivated individual with a drive and passion to take care and serve the sick.
  2. A nursing career would provide an opportunity for higher education to receive the NA certificate, and later the RN license.
  3. Dependable with a keen interest to learn new concepts and methods.


  1. Volunteer at the Old Age Home, 24 Mc. Phearson Road, California.

Assisted the aged with their routines, which included daily care and timely dosage of medicines, etc.                                                                                    [ 2009 till now ]

2.  Cancer Society, 34 Alfonso Street, California.

Interacted with the cancer patients with an attempt to make each passing day a better one for them.    [2007-2009 ]

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