Music Teacher Resume Example

Music Teacher Resume

A music teacher provides learning in music. He imparts education on different music forms and their applications and processes. The teacher is required having good knowledge base on the music field.

The music teacher is an extra curricular teacher and helps in developing the interest of the student apart from the studies. He imparts education on vocal as well as instrumental music. The music field, though, is a more practical field than theory.

Music Teacher Resume Example

Riki Thompson

Ray Road

Finland – 8574

Phone: 95-226-77



Summary of Qualification:

  • Provide good synchronizing capabilities to develop and create new music forms.
  • Have good communication skills and experience in both practical and theory based knowledge.

Career Experience/Job History:

2007-Present: Francis School

  • Educated on the instrument playing and introduced techniques of it.
  • Conducted programmes and mini concerts in school allowing the students a scope to display their musical side.
  • Created new techniques of music sounds formation.
  • Taught notations and staff analysis of music notes.


2002-2005: Bachelors of Music, Music Predefined Institute

2005-2007: Diploma in Music Techniques Application, Music Predefined Institute.

Professional reference will be provided upon request. .

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