Museum Visitor Guide Resume Example

Museum Visitor Guide Resume

A Museum Visitor Guide is responsible for guided tours and workshop for the museum. They must be knowledgeable of the different parts and history of the different artifacts present in the museum. They are creative, enthusiastic and imaginative in explaining and informing the public of the history, origin, story of the museum pieces displayed and they are able to answer any inquiry for the visitors at the museum.  Museum Visitor Guides must also ensure that all artifacts are in safe conditions during tours.

Museum Visitor Guide Resume Example

Pamela McQueen

25 Escondido Blvd. Costa Mesa

California, 99754

Phone: (917) 657-4468


Experiences and knowledgeable Museum Visitor Guide seeking employment for a metropolitan museum

Summary of Qualification

  • Outstanding interpersonal and social skills as well as communication skills in English
  • Courteous, accommodating and fun personality as needed by the museum
  • Ability to restore knowledge and information of various artifacts and pieces in the museum
  • Can work under flexible hours and shift schedule

Career Experience/Job History

2006 – present: Museum Visitors Guide; Ronald Reagan Museum

  • Responsible in welcoming guests to the museum, reminding them of the rules and regulations while in the facility and usher visitors to the different locations within the facility explaining the history and origin of artifacts in the museum
  • Responsible for cleaning and maintain quality of pieces in the museum when no visitors and after tour schedules are finished
  • Makes reports of the day schedule of the tours
  • Check and inspects pieces in the museum for inventory and repairs if necessary
  • Offers souvenirs for guests after the tour of the museum for memorabilia and keepsakes
  • Furnishes report, invoice and supply inventory to be submitted to the curator for purchase and maintenance as needed


2002-2006: Bachelor of Arts in History and Archeology (undergraduate); University of California

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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