Labor Relations Specialist Resume Example

A labor relations specialist is an individual who is responsible for maintaining the relationship of the labors with the organization in which they are working. A labor relations specialist acts as a bridge between the higher management and the labors and also conveys the issues of the labors to the management. It is essential for the individual applying for this position to have patience, excellent communication skills and convincing powers. The individual should mention about these skills in his resume in order to make the resume look impressive.

Sample Labor Relations Specialist Resume Example


Tim Supple

Career goal:

To seek a job in the position of a labor relations specialist in an organization that will make best use of my skills in order to improve the relation between the labor and the management.


I am a hard working individual with excellent written as well as verbal communication skills. I have a complete understanding of the needs of the labor and good convincing power.

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelors in relationship management from Florida University in the year 2007.
  • Masters in Human Resources from ABC University in the year 2010

Work experience:

Currently working in the position of a labor relations specialist in Gas Garments since 2010.

I am responsible for addressing the issues of the labors to the higher management. I have to ensure that data is assembled and gathered for evaluation process.  Acting as liaison between the management and the labor.

Personal Details:

Permanent address: 56 Grant High Road, New York, New Jersey 4589

Phone number: 67934

Mobile number: 32765

Date of birth: 1st of June 1985

Gender: Male

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