Junior Accountant Resume Example

Junior Accountant Resume

Junior Accountant is an entry-level position that could pave the professional career to a stable accounting job.  This job requires diligence and patience in doing data-entry, calculations and data analysis making sure that all operations and records are done with accuracy.  Junior accountants act as assistants to senior accountants therefore they are considered as apprentices in the field and are not expected to make major decisions and financial plans to the company or agency they work for.

Junior Accountant Resume Example

Ryan Queens

897 Fischer St.

Arizona, 7893

Phone: (212) 210-2100



Experienced and very responsible individual seeking for a position as Junior Accountant

Summary of Qualification

  • Excellent skills in analyzing financial statements, computing and record keeping
  • Highly knowledgeable in accounting laws, theories and principles
  • Very good interpersonal, social and communication skills
  • Highly skilled in using computer software and programs as aid in bookkeeping, data entry and processing
  • Can work long hours and multi-task if necessary

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2011: Accounting Clerk, Long Grain Farm Market

  • Made inventories of products on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and drafted reports for filing and records
  • Performed general accounting functions such as calculations of income, expenses and making financial projections
  • Conducted research on salability of farm products and identified strategies to increase income and minimize unnecessary spending
  • Coordinated with suppliers in terms of projected deliveries and payment schedules

2008 – 2011: Tax collector, Kentucky Administrative Office

  • Drafted and dispersed tax collection notices to citizens on a regular basis
  • Examined tax returns with discrepancies and informed clients immediately
  • Investigated accounts with payment delinquencies and drafted terms and conditions for compliance
  • Contacted taxpayers with dues and investigated their cases from which workable plans are drafted for efficient tax payment and collection


2004-2008: Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance, University of Arizona

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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