IT Network Administrator Resume Example

An IT network administrator is responsible for connecting various devices together in order to form networks that are fast and efficient. They also have to maintain the link and solve any problem that may occur within the network. Sometimes they may have to consult with the clients in regards to system requirements.

An IT network administrator needs to have good budgeting skills as they may have to prepare budget for equipments and assembly costs. Both hardware and software knowledge need to be strong as they have to upgrade obsolete hardware and software. The resume of an IT network administrator should reflect his networking knowledge and technical abilities.

 Sample IT Network Administrator Resume Example


Name: Harry Brown

Career objective:

To work in a reputed IT company in the position of an IT network administrator that will help me to develop my networking skills and give me opportunities to grow as an IT professional.

Professional experience:

Worked as a network administrator with Western Technology Limited from May 2009 till June 2012. My job functions were:

  • Installing LAN and WAN, configure them and provide support
  • Updating IOS and checking Cisco routers, concentrators, firewalls and switches
  • Configuring routers between sites and IP
  • Laptop and desktop image creation using company applications
  • Preparing weekly reports and network documents

Worked as Network administrator with Oscar IT Corporation from January 2008 till May 2009 where my job functions were:

  • Installing software and administering servers in various server environments
  • Initiating number of migration and upgrading in order to replace the core router and switch
  • Engineering VPN connectivity in order to establish network

Educational Qualification:

  • Completed Associate degree in Information technology from Florida University in the year 2005.
  • Completed Masters Degree in IT from Florida University in the year 2007.

Contact details:

Address: 63 Rain Maker Street, Florida, Texas 6788

Phone number: 56908

E mail id:

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