IT Engineer Resume Example

IT Engineer Resume

An IT engineer is a professional engaged in disseminating information and analysis of the computer applications, both software and hardware. The engineer handles and creates new computer applications for everyday use. They create new software and hardware applications used to store and manage database and information of the business organizations as well as the people.

The IT engineer is required having good knowledge of the use and management and working processes of the computer applications and tools.

IT Engineer Resume Example

Edward Dalton

Wall Street

France – 8574

Phone: 98-432-54



Summary of Qualification:

  • Experienced professional having good capabilities to develop IT communications devices.
  • Capable of creating and handling computer tools and formats.
  • I possess good analytical skills and organizational skills.

Career Experience/Job History:


Frontier Research Co.

IT Engineer

  • Managed and evaluated database systems including hardware tools.
  • Maintained communication networks and network ports.
  • Guided junior engineers and trained them in practical analysis field.
  • Prepared reports and records for the incoming system operations.


PC Solution Inc.

IT Engineer

  • Analyzed problems and errors of computer applications.
  • Improvised new hardware applications for the company.
  • Tested newly created programming systems.
  • Planned concepts in updating current softwares.

Educational Qualifications:

2002-2003: Diploma in Computer Programming, PC Analysis Institute.

2000-2002: Masters in IT Engineering, University.

1997-2000: Bachelors in IT Engineering, School of Engineering Studies.

Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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