Information Technology Consultant Resume Example

Information Technology Consultant Resume

Technological Consultant is a professional of the technological field who advises and informs the business corporations and organizations as to how best they can use the information technology equipments and systems for their benefit. It includes advising them as to how they can use the hardware and software products in the best of their services.

The professional is required keeping updates of the new products in the market and the services introduced. They are also engaged in promoting or providing these systems for the business organizations.

Information Technology Consultant Resume Example

David Grey

Darwin Road


Phone: 65-225-54



Summary of Qualification:

  • Good interpersonal communication skills to keep healthy interaction with the client business corporations.
  • Possess efficient knowledge base of the technological field.
  • Responsible for providing solutions and technique qualities to the corporations during need.
  • Possess good analytical and convincing skills.

Career Experience/ Job History

Technotrac Services

IT Consultant

  • Helped clients choose the best technological system according to their need.
  • Managed client base and their expectations through efficient service.
  • Conducted regular reports on interactive sessions and the progress of the clients.
  • Improvised innovative ways to improve the client services.

Technological Consulting Services

IT Consultant

  • Promoted new software services to the IT agencies.
  • Maintained reports on the market reviews and consumer demand.
  • Managed consumer demands personally and provided effective services.


B.Com in Computer Science, Delton College

M.Com in Customer Analysis Management, Delton College.

Diploma in Consulting Thesis, Consultancy Institute.

Professional reference will be provided on request.

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