Information Security Resume Example

Information Security Resume

Information security refers to protection of information systems, tolls which store information and knowledge. Governmental services information, military, governmental agencies, hospitals, communication satellite systems etc are the systems where information security is important to prevent disclosure of information to outside people to protect the country database and scenario.

The information security system is very helpful in maintaining the secrets information of a nation by protecting it and guarding it for the safety of the nation.

Information Security Resume Example

Francis John

Galley Road

Ireland – 9584

Phone: 96-543-65



Summary of Qualification:

  • Experienced professional adept in management of information security systems in governmental organizations containing secret military codes, records and files.
  • Upgraded and developed large databases containing files, formats and records through the systems available.
  • Possess effective organizational skills and analytical skills.

Career Experience/Job History:


Government Security Department

Information Security Officer

  • Managed security codes and passwords and shared with high profile members.
  • Managed network security operations
  • Managed network ports and disseminated information to concerned members.


Military Information Security Analysis System.

Information Security Officer

  • Updated the military deptt about the changes in codes and updated information
  • Controlled password protection and change and handled effective tools
  • Had accessed to the information and devised ways to protect it in the system.
  • Regulated policies and plans of developing the information system from time to time.
  • Conducted effective researches and analysis of system to evaluate any leaking of information.

Educational Qualification:

2000-2003: Bachelors in Science, College of Science Studies.

2003-2005: Diploma in Information Security Management, Management School.

Professional reference will be added upon request.

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