HR Resumes

Human Resources is the holistic term used to describe the work force or labor force composed of individuals called workers.  These workers can be seen employed in different industries such as the business sector, manufacturing and production, construction, education, health, food and others.  Human Resources is always attributed to its management termed as Human Resources Management which is implemented and operated in any industry or sector where workers are employed.

The HR Department is involved in managing the overall operations and activities of the workforce in a company.  It functions both as a source of technical knowledge and as the promoter of humane work conditions and status for the workers.  Those employed in the HR departments protect the interests and needs of both the management and the employers of the company.

HR work is therefore attributed to being a philosophy for the acquisition and management of employees.  Employees make up one of the most important resources in the company next to the capital investment.  What makes employees different from other capital resources of the company is that they possess rights imposed on them by the Labor Code to protect them from unfair and unjust labor practices.

The HR Department staff and management must therefore take the Labor Code as their guide in drafting policies and operational procedures for their workers because without the human resources of a company, all operations will be put on hold. Both management and employees must therefore work cooperatively to ensure best practices and good relationship between each other.

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