Home Health Aide Resume Example

A home health aide resume example refers to a document which gives information about the educational and professional qualifications of a candidate who wants to be a home health aide. These nurses and healthcare professionals offer their nursing services to private clients by visiting their home and taking care of them and helping them with their daily needs.

Sample Home Health Aide Resume Example

Martha Jones

Address: 4859 Pine Road


Mobile Number: 84983535

Telephone Number: 3453053464

Email: marthajones@yahoo.com

Career Objective:

Providing my services to clients by applying the knowledge I have gathered through training and my previous work experience and creating a comfortable atmosphere for them

Professional Qualifications/License:

2005: Illinois State Learning License (number 8928392)


Professional experience:

2005-2010: Worked as a registered nurse in Sacred Heart Hospital, Chicago where my chief duties were to help the head nurse and doctors treat the patients, taking the patient’s vitals, administering medicines on time and at the right dosage etc

2003-2005: Working as a home health aide to private different clients by aiding them in their daily needs, helping them clean, eat, bathe, exercise, outings, activities etc


Educational Qualifications:

  • 2003: Master’s degree in nursing from University of Illinois
  • 2001: Bachelor’s degree in nursing from University of Illinois


Languages spoken:

  • English and Spanish



Reading and volunteering at social organizations

Travelling and photography


References: The details of my last two clients are as follows —

  • Wilbur Jones

10 Jennings Drive,

Chicago, Illinois

Phone: 9345354353

  • Anthony Giles

1003 Doring Lane,

Plano, Texas

Phone: 3498543900.


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