Healthcare Professional Resume Example

A healthcare professional resume example is used to write down the skills and qualifications necessary to get a job in the healthcare sector as a healthcare professional. The resume should be created in such a way that the strengths of the candidate is evident and that he will be the right man for the job.

Sample Healthcare Professional Resume Example

Jason Higgings

Address: 9239 Conning Road

Plano, Texas

Mobile Number: 832940245

Telephone Number: 454353453


Career Objective:

Aspiring to make an effective contribution in the field of healthcare by working to my best potential and helping patients in every way I can

Professional experience:

2008-Present: Working as the nursing head at the Department of nursing, Sacred Heart Hospital, Plano

2005-2008: Worked as a registered nurse in Good Health Hospital, California

2003-2005: Worked as a private nurse to different clients with different ailments and conditions

Areas of expertise and exposure:

  • Handling all nursing duties, taking care of the patient’s everyday needs and administering medicines on time
  • Monitoring patients’ behaviour, physical condition and general comfort
  • Working with head nurses and helping them with medical procedures and other duties
  • Keeping track of medical supplies and maintaining the stock supply in the hospital
  • Preparing patients before surgeries and helping them with post-operative treatment
  • Making patients aware of how to exercise and other physical therapy exercises in order to aid quick recovery

Educational Qualifications:

  • 2003: Master’s degree in nursing from University of Illinois
  • 2001: Bachelor’s degree in nursing from University of Georgia

Languages spoken:

  • English and Spanish

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