Health Care Resumes

Health Care is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.  It is an industry that involves the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, illnesses and other physical and mental disabilities.  These are given by medical practitioners and health care providers who work in hospitals, nursing homes, home for the aged, schools, private homes and clinics.  They are equipped with the knowledge in health and treatments and they gained training and practice through education.

Health care is regarded as promoting general health and well-being of people around the world.  It is the intertwining of medical technology and knowledge and the human touch or humanity that makes it the primary source of cures of medical conditions.  With the guidance and care of the caregivers, nurses and assistants, the service of the primary health workers – medical doctors and specialists – are made acceptable and bearable to the patients.

The Health Care Industry consists of the following areas: Hospital, Nursing and Residential Care Facilities, Office of Physicians, Office of Dentists, Home Healthcare Services, Offices of other Health Care Practitioners and Ambulatory Healthcare Services.  All these areas work independently or cooperatively to provide healthcare service to patients and clients.

The Health Care industry incorporates the work and responsibilities of several sectors that are dedicated in providing health services and products.  Health Care Professionals follow codes of ethics and practice that guide them and enable them to conduct their work according to standards and ways acceptable and justifiable to the society.  Misconduct or malpractice offenses would subject them to the confiscation of their licenses and eventually end their practice.

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