Health Administrator Resume Example

Health Administrator is responsible for management and managing the administration activities of the health care systems, hospitals or network of medical facilities. The administrator maintains proper deployment of medical and healthcare facilities to the area he is assigned to. Apart from that, management of social service facilities such as immunization drives, NGOs who work for improving health of a particular community etc. are all managed by the healthcare administrator.

The professional requires having a good knowledge ground on the healthcare administering services and ways of promoting good health amongst the people.

Health Administrator Resume Example

David Gill

Brown Road

Scotland- 8433

Phone: 99-654-22



Summary of Qualification:

  • Possess good communication skills
  • Proved efficient in maintaining better healthcare of the people.

Career Experience/Job History:


Care Hospitals,

Healthcare Administrator

  • Devised plans and strategies to improve the chain of hospitals and health care centers.
  • Recruited new staff and provided training facilities to them.
  • Maintained assessment of the hospital to ensure a clean and free environment within the campus.


Darwin Health Associates,

Healthcare Administrator

  • Conducted medical camps in the community to promote efficient healthcare among the people.
  • Managed reports of the hospitals in the area for their improvement.
  • Conducted reviewed assessment of the clinics.
  • Assessed the day to day management of medical centers and services.

Educational Qualification:

1998-2002: Masters in Medical Assistance

1995-1998: Bachelors in Administration Analysis

2002-2004: Diploma in Medical Services Analysis, Center for Medical Studies

Professional reference will be provided on request.

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