Free Healthcare Resume Example

A free healthcare resume example refers to a CV or a resume which portrays the strengths and skills of a person interested in a job in the healthcare sector. Healthcare is a popular career option today and as a candidate applying for a job in this sector, one must show the required qualifications, degrees and work experience in this field along with the necessary soft skills.

Sample Free Healthcare Resume Example

Mary Ann Johnson

9221 Kailin Lane


Mobile Number: 9202849011

Telephone Number: 8948920012


Career Objective:

Seeking a role where I can be of service to the ailing patients and do my duty by helping them lead better lives through proper treatment and giving them emotional support to deal with their difficult times.

Educational Background:

ñ  2000: Master of Science Degree in Nursing, University of Georgia

ñ  1998: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Georgia

Professional Qualifications/License:

2001: California State Learning License (number 8928392)

Professional Experience:

2006 – Present: Chief of nurse at Good Heart Hospital, California


ñ  Alloting assignments and responsibilities to nursing staff

ñ  Keeping track of nursing activities and whether all tasks are completed properly or not

ñ  Training younger staff members and coordinating among various nursing groups

2001-2006: Registered nurse at Little Flower Children’s Hospital, California


ñ  Helping doctors and surgeons by taking vitals and preparing patients before any surgery

ñ  Helping patients by administering them prescribed medicines and helping them to be comfortable


ñ  Conducting community awareness programs every year to raise people’s awareness of various illnesses and how to prevent them

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