Firefighter Resume Example

Firefighters are rescuers specially trained to put out hazardous fires that threaten life and property, to rescue people from collapsed buildings, accident spots and other similar situations. The increased complexity of urban structures and the hazards associated with it requires increased skills and specialized techniques from a firefighter. The resume of a firefighter should elaborate his work experience and skills in this field. A firefighter resume example is given below.

Firefighter Resume Example Sample:


Personal details:

Name:  Josh Whitney

Age: 35 years

Address: 73 Mayflower road, New Jersey

Mobile Number: 6589432

Residence Number: 38645

OBJECTIVE:  To seek employment as a professional firefighter, and to serve the community with my trained expertise in this field.


I have recently shifted to New Jersey. I am a trained and qualified firefighter and I wish to gain employment as a firefighter and extend my services for the welfare of the community. My strong points are the work experience in this field, ability to work under pressure in extreme conditions, physical fitness required for the job, eye for detail, dedication, diligence, and ability to work in a team with harmony. I will prove to be an asset to the department.


Masters in Fire sciences                   Los Angeles fire academy   _  Batch of 1999

High School:                                   Los Angeles high school      _  Batch of 1993


Los Angeles fire department

Fire fighter                                       2006-2011

Hope medical ambulance

EMT                                                 2003-2006

French brothers

Sales representative                         2000-2003


  • Emergency Medical Technician from Los Angeles fire academy
  • BLS for healthcare provider (CPR and AED) from  Los Angeles heart association


Playing basketball, photography, cooking, adventure sports(kayaking, parasailing, rock climbing etc)

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