Financial Analyst Resume Example

A financial analyst resume example is a document which serves as a guide for the creation of a financial analyst CV or resume. The post of a financial analyst is commonly found in banks and other financial service providing institutions. A financial analyst handles client accounts and provides financial advice to them, so that they can invest in the financial schemes offered by the bank. Hence, the resume of a financial analyst must be relevant, concise and insightful. All efforts should be made to provide a clear impression of his abilities and strengths.

Sample Financial Analyst Resume Example:

Kelly Brook

23 Massachusetts Avenue

New York G5760

Educational background:

  • Obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Harvard University with a summa cum laude [2001]
  • Obtained a Master’s degree in Finance and Management from Harvard University. [2004]

Professional experience:

  • Worked as an intern in the Bank of America, with chief area of focus being the bank’s relationship with its international correspondents and a detailed study of account papers, client profiles and bank policies. [2004 to 2006]
  • Worked as junior financial analyst in HEW Bank, New York where I was in charge of bookkeeping, customer care, client service and account management of accounts worth over 50,000USD. [2006 to present]

Computer skills:

  • Well versed in Microsoft Office and all its program components
  • IBM compatible

Career objectives:

  • To create an impressive client list for the company, which will not only add value but will also challenge my work and educational training sufficiently.
  • To merge both personal and professional growth of the finance sector company or bank wherein I am employed.

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