Event Planner Resume Example

Event Planner Resume

An event planner is a professional who plans any event. The event may be any festival, function or any sort of convention. The event planner plans the budget of the event, the requirements, place and the dates of the event. Apart from that, the transportation of guests and the passes for the people etc are all planned and managed by the event planner.

This field is a new improvised one and the field requires people who can work in a time bound fast pace environment.

Event Planner Resume Example

Gary Gill

Hillview Road

Ireland – 7654

Phone – 347-67-322

Email: gary7@ycmail.com


Summary of Qualification:

  • Possess excellent management skills to plan and organize schedules of meetings and events and also organize the requirements of the event.
  • Experienced professional proved efficient in working in a time bound environment to plan and organize events.

Career Experience/Job History:


Endure Planners

Event Planner

  • Managed locations and timings of the events as per the clients’ requirements.
  • Managed requirements and resources as furniture, linen, crockery etc. required for the events.
  • Deployed stewards in effective running of food among the people.


Event Solutions

Event Planner

  • Included games and innovative interactive plans in the party events.
  • Managed the sound equipment and the parking facilities as well as the transportation facilities for the guests.
  • Supervised final preparations and decorations of the events.

Educational Qualifications:

1999-2002: Bachelors in Event Management, Eston School of Event Management.

2002-2003: Diploma in Events Analysis, Eston School of Event Management.

Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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