Electronics Engineer Resume Example

An Electronics Engineer is basically involved in handling various electrical and electronic equipments. He is required to install, repair and maintain these equipments. In order to get into this position one needs to have a degree in Electronics and communications engineering. An Electronics Engineer Resume must include the details about his qualification and the projects handled.

Sample Electronics Engineer Resume Example

George Travolta

76, Sunshine Apartments

New Park Road

New York, NY

Residential Phone No. 22 5434 34565

Mobile No. 22 3432 45678

Email id: george@abcmail.com

Objective: To work towards the betterment of my organization and excel in my area of specialization.

Work Experience

Company Name ABC Enterprises
Position Handled Electronics Engineer
Date of Joining 8th March 2008
Date of Relieving 10th August 2010

Key Responsibilities

  • Required to install various electrical and electronic equipments
  • Look after the repair work of the electrical and electronic equipments
  • Involved in maintenance of these equipments
  • Work in accordance with the guidelines set by the company
Company Name XYZ Pvt Ltd
Position Handled Electronics Engineer
Date of Joining 15th August 2010
Date of Relieving

Key responsibilities

  • Involved in the installation and repair work of the electrical and electronic equipments
  • Involved in maintaining these equipments
  • Coordinate with different departments in order to carry out the task efficiently
  • Provide feedbacks to the vendors to ensure quality work
  • Supervise the junior technicians for the repair and maintenance work
  • Work as per the set guidelines

Educational Qualification

School/ University Course Pursued Year of Passing out
ABC University Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering 2005
XXX University Master’s in Electronics Engineering 2008

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