E-mail Customer Service Representative Resume Example

E-mail Customer Service Representative Resume

An E-mail Customer Service Representative is responsible for answering inquiries and concerns of customer sent via the use of E-mail correspondence of the company. They use templates and standard email correspondence approved by the company and edits some information to properly address the guest’s inquiry and concerns. They also handle complimentary programs to alleviate the inconvenience cause to the guest at any means.  E-mail Customer Service Representatives are tech savvy and can handle any operations using the internet to ensure that mails are received.

E-mail Customer Service Representative Resume Example

Ronald Perkins

164 Ridge Brook Crescent, Midland

Texas, 77412

Phone: (741) 457-9865



Efficient and Hardworking E-mail Correspondence Customer Service Representative seeking employment for a reputable company

Summary of Qualification

  • Excellent ability to answer E-mail correspondence from customers asking information and inquiry to the company
  • Can work under minimal supervision
  • Above average typing skills
  • Ability to navigate different information station and ability to resolve issues immediately using different programs from different companies
  • Can work under shifting schedules and work with  minimal supervision
  • Team player and good interpersonal and social skills

Career Experience/Job History

2006 – present: E-mail Correspondence Customer Service Representative – People Support

  • Works as an E-mail correspondence representative for the back office of People Support
  • Can navigate information stations and data systems of the company to answer promptly inquiries sent customers via E-mail
  • Handles responses for E-mails sent to the company answering all inquiries in the E-mail but maintaining proper and professional communication procedures set by the company
  • Helps in organizing templates for common inquiries from customers and uploads the templates to the system for future reference
  • Attends trainings and enhancement seminars directed by the company for changes in policies and regulations
  • Supports company initiated activities for better health to help the community


2002-2006: Bachelor of Arts in Communications Major in Journalism: University of Wisconsin

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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