Data Specialist Resume Example

A data specialist is a person who does the job of data entry in an organization Thus he is also known as a data entry specialist. They are responsible for collecting analyzing, storing and creating data in an organization and also have to ensure that the data are accurate.  The individuals applying for the position of a data specialist should mention about his skills and experience of handling data in his resume. He should also possess good analytical skills and should have the ability to manage huge work load. Data Specialist Resume example is given below:

Sample Data Specialist Resume Example


Name: Ricky Martin

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 12th of May 1987

Residential address: 21 Regina High Street, New York, New Jersey 4578

Contact number: 56908

Mobile phone number: 23789

Skill set:

  • Great analytical skills
  • Very hard working
  • Can manage huge work load
  • Good at meeting deadlines


To work in the position of a data specialist in a reputed organization that will provide growth to my career.

Work experience:

  • Currently working in the position of a data specialist in Gas Garments Limited since March 2011. My job profile is to collect all the necessary data and analyze them for accuracy. Then storing the accurate data in the software used by the organization and also ensuring that data is not damaged
  • Worked as data entry specialist in Larsen and Toubro from May 2008 to February 2011. My work profile was to make entries to record the attendance details of all the employees.

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