Credit Analyst Resume Example

A credit analyst is an individual working with a finance sector company, who aims at analyzing the payment habits of individuals and clients of the company, and then assessing the merit of providing them with credit. This is an enormously important post in any finance sector office or bank as an astute credit analyst can save the company from harassment of defaulters. Thus, a credit analyst resume example must highlight his skills and ensure that selectors can arrive at a fair conclusion on the basis of the credit analyst resume example.

Sample Credit Analyst Resume Example:

Keith Nicholson

34 Boston, MA

Contact number: 3647464623

Email address:

Career Objectives:

  • To ensure that the company I am working with can benefit from my immense experience in the field of credit analysis.
  • To create a strong foundation of shrewd judgment based on precedent, and trust, and make informed decisions about client selection.

Educational qualifications:

  • 2001: Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Yale University
  • 2003: Obtained Master’s degree in Economics from Yale University with a summa cum laude.


  • Self motivated professional with prior experience of detailed background checks on client payment history.
  • Ability to work in a team and excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to train interns and aspirants in this field due to strong interpersonal skills and knowledge of field.

Prior Work Experience:

2004 to present: Working as Credit Analyst in Lester International Banks Pvt. Ltd., managing accounts of over 3 billion USD in value, and responsible for adding another 7 million USD worth of clients to the bank’s roster.

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