Court Officer Resume Example

Court Officer Resume

Court Officers are legal workers who are act as coordinators, administrative workers and clerks.  They perform a number of duties including making schedules and appointments for court hearings, allocating court rooms, enforcing operational procedures before, during and after court hearings, and preparation of lists for the day’s court sessions.  Court Officers may collect fines, give compensations or maintenance payments, draft summons and process legal forms.  They are the overall assistants in the effective operations of courts.

Court Officer Resume Example

Andrew Webster

9090 West Stanford

Alabama, 7893

Phone: (212) 210-2100


Dependable and diligent individual seeking for a position as Court Officer in a state court

Summary of Qualification

  • Wide experience in court proceedings and hearings
  • Results-oriented, excellent organization and socialization skills
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills necessary for directing staff to their tasks
  • Creative and highly resourceful
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills, keen on details and can troubleshoot presented problems

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2011: Court Officer, Alabama State Court

  • Announced the beginning and end of court sessions
  • Documented and kept records of processes and operations done in court during hearings
  • Organized activities and operations by identifying and giving tasks to individuals concerned
  • Coordinated with clients and lawyers for the implementation of protocols and processes in court
  • Directed the tasks and responsibilities of other staff and officers
  • Constantly monitored activities in the court room
  • Maintained security of the jury panels
  • Allocated rooms and schedules for each case
  • Prepared the equipment and materials before the hearing
  • Closed and organized the court room after each hearing


2004-2008: Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts, University of Stanford

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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