Computer Programmer Resume Example

A computer programmer is an individual whose job is to develop computer programs in an appropriate programming language as per the requirement of the application. They are involved in designing of the program as well as maintaining them after developing. The individual applying for the position of a computer programmer should have knowledge in programming languages and database system. The computer programmer resume should give an idea about the technical skills, knowledge and qualifications of the candidate.

Sample Computer programmer resume example


Archie Andrews                                                       

32 Western Express Highway Road

Riverdale City, New Jersey 1289

Landline number: 49087

Mobile number: 56456

Educational qualification:

  • Bachelors degree in computer in the year 2005 from New jersey Institute of Technology
  • Diploma program in computer programming in the year 2001 from  Rock Computer Institute


  • Excellent technical knowledge
  • Complete knowledge of various programming languages including Basic, Java, C++ and others.
  • Very flexible in nature


To work in the position of a computer programmer in a reputed Information Technology organization and make best use of my knowledge in computer programming for the benefit of the organization.

Work experience:

Currently working with Sun Rise Technology  in the position of a computer programmer since 2006

My job responsibilities include the following:

  • Work with a team of computer engineers to maintain the database software of the clients.
  • Developing new software for the daily operation of the client and then test it.
  • Creating firewalls for LAN.


Can be provided upon request.

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