Compensation Manager Resume Example

A compensation manager is an individual who works in the human resource department of an organization. He keeps a tab on the salary of the employees of the organization and revises the salary as per the present market conditions. Thus in a way he establishes and maintains the pay system of an organization so that the employees feel that their payment is fair. Compensation manager resume should highlight the individual’s work experience in the human resource department and also his knowledge about current pay scales in various organizations.

Sample Compensation manager resume example


Dave Houston                                                      

Residential address: 12 Rich Mound Road, North Dakota, New Carolina 7645.

Residential contact number: 23895

Mobile phone number: 49623

Date of birth: 12th of May 1980

Gender: Male

Nationality: American

Marital status: Married

Career objective:

To work in the position of a compensation manager in a reputed firm where I can use my years of experience and skill sets for the growth of the company.

Educational Qualification:

  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Colorado School of Business in the year 2006.
  • Bachelors in Business Administration from ABC University in the year 2003
  • Completed diploma in Compensation Policies from XYZ Institute in the year 2008

Work Experience:

Currently working as a Compensation Manager in Gas Garments Limited since January 2007.

  • Job Responsibilities include the following:
  • I keep a tab on the average pay scale as per the market.
  • I am responsible for revising the pay package of the employees depending upon their performance.
  • I look after various legal issues related to compensation.

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