Collections Officer Resume Example

A collections officer is an individual who is entrusted with the task of collecting dues from individual, as well as company accounts for the particular bank or finance sector company that he is employed with. Such a job requires no specialized qualifications as such, but in posts of a greater scope, it is preferable that the aspiring candidate is equipped with good communication skills, and can thus ensure that he can extract money from defaulters with the minimum possible effort. Thus, a collections officer resume example must highlight the work experience and qualifications of such an aspirant clearly.

Sample Collections Officer Resume Examples:

Jason Vourne

345 Rastafarian Avenue

New York, NY333

Career objectives

  • To make an impact as a collections officer in a bank of repute, and obtain the position of collections manager using my vast experience in this field.
  • To utilize my thorough knowledge of debt control and the FDCPA Act to ensure that collections are carried out in a smooth manner.

Educational background:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting [University of Ohio, 2001]
  • Certification in credit management [2005]
  • Affiliations to both the CICM and the CIMD

Professional work experience:

  • 2003 to 2006: Collections Officer in Jensen and Nicholson Pvt. Ltd. My responsibilities included creation of credit management systems, checking client profiles and highlighting client risks, maintaining credit records and training interns in the task of credit management and debt control.
  • 2006 to present: Collections Manager at Rassel Pvt. Ltd. Responsibilities include setting of monthly targets as far as credit management is concerned, and training my team of collections officers.

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