Clinical Research Resume Example

Clinical Research Resume

Clinical research is a branch of research which specializes in study and evaluation of medical products, treatment methods and medicines. It is a branch which conducts analysis of the medicines to verify their use, if they are proper for human use or not etc.

A clinical researcher evaluates the treatment facilities and procedures and endures new methods of treatment. The researcher should have good knowledge base on the clinical field and the procedures of treatment.

Clinical Research Resume Example

Joe Hugh

Ford Road

Denmark – 8657

Phone: 65-321-65



Summary of Qualification:

  • I am an experienced professional having good knowledge on the clinical treatment and analysis field and have proved efficient in conducting research regarding this field.
  • I possess effective communication and analytical skills to develop the research status of the organization I will be assigned to.

Career Experience/Job History:


Efiley Clinical Department

Clinical Researcher

  • Evaluated medicines samples and checked them for proper use.
  • Scheduled tests and sample evaluation procedures.
  • Recruited employees to assist in the research process.
  • Maintained data records of the reports of the tests of the medicine samples.


Pill Associates

Clinical Researcher

  • Dispensed medicines after testing samples in groups.
  • Recorded clinical trials done on samples.
  • Collected samples for trails.
  • Brought senior researchers for conducting high end trails and tests.

Educational Qualification:

2000-2003: Bachelors in Science, Life Sciences, Francis College.

2003-2005: Masters in Science, Life Sciences, University.

Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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