Civil Engineer Resume Example

Civil Engineer Resume

Civil Engineers plan, design and supervise the construction and maintenance of building structures, facilities and other infrastructures.  They analyze survey reports, maps and drawings in order for them to make sound and efficient plans and designs for their clients.  Civil engineers highly rely on the principles of engineering in drafting these plans, implementation and monitoring.  They make computations and calculations for the drafting of the structure as well as the necessary materials for the project.  They are usually involved in projects required by the government and make sure that all projects adhere to policies, safe and passed environmental impact assessments.

Civil Engineer Resume Example

Malik Fielder

Grand Alistor Building,Wendy St.

Alabama, 356478

Phone:  (676) 298-2554

Career Objective: Hard-working and detail-oriented professional seeking for a position as a Civil Engineer

Summary of Qualifications

  • Excellent skills in planning designing and implementing plans for transportation, infrastructure and buildings
  • Knowledgeable in using computer software for computer aided designs
  • Highly organized and can manage a team of workers to meet goals
  • Can identify client needs and requirements and ensure that all designs and recommendations are of high quality and cost-effective

Career Experience/Job History

2010 – present: Civil Engineer, private practice

  • Prepared and developed designs for roads, bridges and pavements for the local government
  • Discussed proposals and plans with clients and ensured that materials are quality grade and construction is done accurately
  • Assessed and evaluated structures that were constructed and recommended for repairs or renovation if necessary
  • Made sure that all projects are in compliance with government standards have passed quality control
  • Made necessary adjustments designs as necessary

2007 – 2010: Civil Engineer, Office of the State Engineer

  • Developed structure and construction plans such as roads, bridges and buildings
  • Assessed and evaluated existing structures and headed the maintenance team
  • Kept and managed records in an efficient information system
  • Verified the accuracy and integrity of designs using CAD


2003 – 2007: Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Alabama State University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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