Chemical Lab Technician Resume Example

A chemical lab technician or a chemical technologist is an individual who has expert knowledge of the field of chemistry and works in a laboratory to conduct research work and analysis on various items, chemicals etc. Chemical lab technicians can be hired by various types of companies as well to conduct tests on their products and to give verdict about their feasibility etc.

In order to become a chemical lab technician, one must prepare a resume which talks about the skills and qualifications of the candidate. A sample of one such chemical lab technician resume example has been given below for the purpose of reference.

Sample Chemical Lab Technician Resume Example

Personal Details

Name: Kevin Black

Address: G-890, Putney Street, London

Telephone: 47309570345

Email address:

Career Objective

Looking for the job position of a chemical lab technician at a reputed laboratory environment which will give me a chance to exercise my exceptional lab and chemistry skills and also fulfill my aim of conducting research work in the subject of my choice.

Areas of Expertise

  • Exceptional observation and lab skills
  • Ability to work for long hours in the lab
  • Exceptional knowledge of petrochemicals and insecticides etc.
  • Superb knack for identifying reactants and performing complex experiments and tests.

Physical Skills

  • Hardworking abilities
  • Diligent working nature
  • Passion for the field of chemistry
  • Experience of working in lab environments
  • Team working abilities
  • Leadership qualities

Work Experience

Jan 2007 to Feb 2010

Worked as a chemical analyst at New York University chemistry department

Feb 2010 to present

Worked as a senior chemical lab technician with Jacob Petrochemical industry in Ohio.

Educational Details

  • Schooling from Mark Jacobs education institute in the year 2001
  • Bachelors in chemical engineering from John Hopkins University in the year 2005
  • Master’s in Chemistry from John Hopkins University in the year 2007.

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