CFO Resume Example

The chief financial officer or CFO is responsible for various financial functions within a business organization. The resume, thus, must highlight the ability to make different finance planning, managing risks and overseeing cash flows within the organization. The CFO is also the mediator between the Board of Directors and the employees of a company. The educational background is highly important and must be clearly specified in the resume

Sample CFO Resume Example:

Name: Robin Scherbatsky

Address: 14, Marianne Street, California


Telephone no.: 344556677

Career Aim: I have acquired a highly qualified educational and professional background in finance and through my association with a highly renowned company; I wish to present the skills and abilities that will benefit the company.

Education Acquired:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), California University, 1998-2000
  • MBA degree from California University, 2001-2003

Computer Skills:

  • Comfortable with all Operating Systems from Windows 97 to Windows Vista
  • Familiar and well-versed in Microsoft Office

Prior Work Background:

  • Worked as a Senior Financial Analyst for WWT Finance Ltd, 2005-2009: Responsible for creating different business plans, organizing legal insurance investigations on claims and settlements.
  • Independently created an advanced technique for tracking expenses of resources called: TRAC2003. This has been bought by T & T Insurance Ltd. (2007)
  • Opened a Financial Consultancy firm called FORESIGHT FINANCE LTD. (2006-2007)
  • Worked as Controller for MIO FINANCE Corp: Responsible for a staff of 45 members. (2010)
  • Worked as Accounts manager for MAN & Money Co. (2010- Present)

All references can be provided as required.

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