Case Investigator Resume Example

Case Investigator Resume

Case investigators are legal professionals who are usually part of team tasked to investigate complaint cases and record results accurately.  They are responsible for planning the investigation ad identifying the appropriate methods by which to carry out the investigation process.  They must be clarify the whole situation taking great consideration to details of the case and then execute the investigation discretely.  Case investigators gather evidences and then make written recommendations for lawyers based on the results.

Case Investigator Resume Example

Henry Kelly

6355 San Marcos Way, Buena Park, CA1156

Phone: 650-253-0000


An enthusiastic and hard-working professional seeking for a job as Case Investigator in a private agency

Summary of Qualification

  • Highly organized and skilled in executing investigation plans and activities for the client
  • Keen on details and with the ability to gather data and information crucial to the case
  • Tech-savvy with background in the use of sleuthing equipment to gather evidences
  • Excellent analytical and planning skills with focus on client interest

Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present:  Case Investigator, Private Office

  • Implemented procedures for gathering evidences based on the case necessities
  • Managed and worked with a team of sleuths by directing the activities for information gathering
  • Evaluated and assessed results of investigation and verified the accuracy of the data before presenting it to the client and the attorney
  • Prepared reports and made written recommendations for solving and presenting the case

1999-2005 – Case Investigator, Royal Investigation Services

  • Keep the complainer and the lawyers properly informed and updated of investigation activities and results
  • Consulted with the lawyers on issues requiring legal advice


1995 – 1999: Bachelor of Science in Criminology, University of California

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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