Campus Police Officer Resume

A campus police officer is a person who is employed in a campus and is responsible for looking after the security issues in the campus. The individual who wish to work in this position must prepare a well drafted CV that must highlight the skill sets as well as the experience of the candidate. Educational qualifications must also be mentioned in the CV of the person applying for the job. A campus police officer resume example is given below.

Campus Police Officer Resume Example

Robert Stevenson Marcus

Address : 1246, South Road, UK

Mobile Number : 1589301

Telephone Number :  564815789

Email :

Objective : Wish to work as campus police officer where I can make conscious effort and sincerity in abiding by law and justice.

Educational  Qualifications:

Relevant licensed upgrades for carrying firearms – 2008

Associate Diploma in Policing – 2007 – 2008

Forester University – Arts – Graduate program in 2007

Online degree on First aid – 2007

Work experience:

Worked as security officer in Shemrock University from 2009 till date.

Job duties included the following:

  • Looking after the overall security of  the area
  • Maintaining decorum in the university area
  • Looking after various issues and resolving them.

Expertise :

  • Ability to maintain decorum.
  • Stamina and expertise to handle stressful situations.
  • 3 years experience in patrolling and policing.
  • Thorough knowledge to detect error.
  • Courage and compliance at all times.

Merits :

  • State award in Soccer.
  • Proven track record in documentation and maintaining civil discipline.

Hobbies :

  • Computer skills.
  • Music

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