Call Centre Operations Resume Example

Call Center Operations Specialist Resume

Call Center Operations Specialists are supervisors over the operations of the call center agents and representatives.  They ensure that all equipment and facilities are in excellent working conditions and that the agents have no difficulty accessing the necessary sites and areas on their computers.  Call center operations specialists are highly trained to troubleshoot any problems both technical, personal or physical that may occur in the workplace during operations and may hamper the delivery of services.

Call Center Operations Specialist Resume Example

Aliah Smith

12 Hayden Blvd, Shreveport

Louisiana, 45128

Phone: (455) 210-1212


Very reliable and competent professional seeking for a position as Call Center Operations Specialist in a BPO Call Center

Summary of Qualification

  • Outstanding experience in customer relations environment in a call center
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
  • Ability to multi task, taking notes while conversing with customers
  • Excellent ability to troubleshoot technical items and equipment as well as resolve staff matters
  • Ability to navigate different information station and resolve issues immediately using different programs from different companies

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – present: Call Center Operations Specialist, The Hyatt Hotels

  • Do constant routine rounds over call center stations and identify problem areas to be resolved
  • Speedily resolve any technical glitches or accessibility problems, record the event and file all information from resolving it
  • Ability to seek information and detail regarding staff discrepancies and miscommunications
  • Ability to navigate IRIS set up by the company and educate call center agents when necessary
  • Consistently meet the department head to report all activities and make necessary requests

2006-2008: Customer Service Manager; Convergys – Ford Motors Account

  • Responsible for inbound calls from customers seeking information and inquiries for their vehicle
  • Responsible for resolving minor vehicle concerns and information and suggest specific dealership for repairs of the vehicle


2002-2006: Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts, University of Louisiana

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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