Biomedical Research Resume Example

A candidate involved in biomedical research is one who undertakes a broad spectrum of research and testing in the biomedical field. The key responsibilities of a candidate involved in biomedical research are sample analysis, analysis of environmental sterility systems, biological culture testing, channelize research work undertaken by the team etc. Therefore the resume of a candidate in biomedical research should be professional and lucid to help the employers determine area of expertise of the candidate.

Sample Biomedical Research Resume Example


Personal Information:

Stephen Holtham

Sex: Male
Marital Status: Single
Hobbies: dancing, painting
Areas of Interest: Biochemistry

Preferred Place of Work: Northamptonshire
Address: 389 Northampton,


London, NN6

Mobile Number: 123456789

Telephone Number: 987654321


Career Objective:

Aspiring towards a job as a biomedical research specialist where I can show my skills and integrity and contribute constructively towards the progress of the organization.

Educational Background:

2005: Completed High school degree from St Bosco High School, Paisley, London.

2009: Acquired Bachelor’s degree in biology from King’s College of science and technology, London.

2010: Acquired Diploma in medical assistant program from St Arthur College Of Science, London.

Professional experience:

2010-Present: Working as a biomedical research technician in Galileo Diagnostic Clinic, Gwent, London

Job Responsibilities and areas of expertise:

  • Working with a team of IBT scientists in development of new algorithms.
  • Examination, repairing and cleaning of biomedical instruments.
  • Implementation of project associated with biological samples collected from various sources.


  • Complete knowledge of biomedical technology.
  • Association with best biomedical diagnostic organizations across the globe.
  • Posses good working knowledge of various biomedical instruments including repairs.
  • Possess excellent communication skills both written and oral.
  • Capable of working very well individually and also in a team of biomedical research members perfectly.

References :

References are available on professional request.

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