Attorney Resume Example

Attorney Resume

Attorneys are interchangeably called as attorneys.  They are the promoters of the law and study law provisions to help their clients reach their goals.  They may be asked to defend certain positions of the clients and to be able to successfully do it, they must have a wide experience in the field of the law practice.  Attorneys are strictly bounded by the lawyer’s code of ethics.  The must be able to execute their task and at the same time, be responsible for contributing for the betterment of the society.  As experts of law, attorneys must have finished a degree from an accredited law school, pass the law bar exam and hold a license for practicing law.

Attorney Resume Example

Henry Doe

6355 San Marcos Way, Buena Park, CA1156

Phone: 650-253-0000


A reliable, task-oriented individual seeking for a position as Attorney in a company or agency

Summary of Qualification

  • Highly knowledgeable in the law practice and with extensive experience in handling various cases
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with creative skills in visual arts
  • Highly resourceful, enthusiastic and energetic in carrying out tasks and responsibilities
  • Very organized and with the ability to document activities and record pertinent data
  • Committed and highly responsible and can work in a team with minimum supervision

Career Experience/Job History

2010 – Present :  Attorney, Private practice

  • Discussed with clients for information gathering and investigation of the case
  • Introduced and identified possible processes and steps to undertake for the case
  • Defended clients on court proceedings backed with evidences
  • Kept close relationship with the clients and served their interests at all times

2009 – 2010:  Company Attorney, Avon Products

  • Handled cases requiring justice and law proceedings
  • Signed and processed legal papers for the operations and business transactions of the company
  • Reviewed contracts regarding business with partners and other activities and gave legal opinions and advice to the management


2004 – 2009: Bachelor of Science in Law, Crawford College

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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