Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Resume Example

An aircraft maintenance engineer is an individual responsible for carrying out maintenance of aircraft parts and components. They have to ensure that the hydraulic systems, electrical systems, fuel injection systems, pressurization systems, carburetor and structures of the aircrafts are in proper working condition. An aircraft maintenance engineer also needs certification and license in order to pursue this career.

The resume of an individual applying for this position plays an important role in getting the job. The resume states important details that assures whether the person has certification and the experience he has in regards to the job responsibilities.

Sample Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Resume Example

Personal details

Name: John Miller

Address: 78 On Side Road. Illinois, Las Vegas 9076

Residential telephone number: 678906

Mobile phone number: 34678

Date of birth: 23rd of June 1983

Marital status: Single
Gender: Male

Educational qualifications

  • Completed Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Illinois School of Technology in the year 2007
  • Completed high school from Florence Higher Secondary School in the year 2002

Work experience

  • Worked in the position of an aircraft maintenance engineer with Sky Aircrafts Limited from June 2009 till December 2011 where my work responsibilities were:
  1. Maintaining the components of the aircraft and ensuring that they are in proper working conditions
  2. Assisting in the training process of new engineers
  3. Maintaining the tools
  4. Checking whether any part of the aircraft require repairs

Career Achievements

  • Have received the best aircraft maintenance engineer award from my employer in the year 2010
  • Have taken initiative in developing aspects of quality control in CRS certification in order to make the certification process more efficient


Name: Lily Ben

Designation: Chief engineer

Company name: Sky Aircrafts

Office address: 34 Oscar Wild Street, Illinois, Las Vegas 9089

Contact number: 56789

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