Advertising Resumes

Advertising is simply the smart use of communication to “sell” a particular product or idea to a wide number of audience and potential consumers.  It involves skillful people working in the advertising arena who have the ability to inform, enlighten and persuade target consumers to consider use a product or service.  The business of advertising involves marketing skills and the use of communication and visual art to entice the public to avail of these consumables.  Therefore, advertising, sales and even marketing are fields that complement each other.

Advertising is a huge industry raking in big income since its success equals to the success of sales of the product.  It is undeniable that the better the advertising, the bigger the chances for the products to be sold out.  Thus, businesses who have products or services to sell invest millions to have a successful advertising campaign.  This may be done by having creative-minded people who can produce interesting, attention-grabbing and informational advertisements using advertising methods such as celebrity endorsements, emotional appeals, practicality approach and others.

It has been very easy for advertising agencies and firms to release advertisements today because of the advancement of communication technology.  Unlike conventional communication, advertisements find their way through mass media, the internet and telecommunications.  Print media has also been exploited with print technology making possible gigantic canvasses where visuals can posted.

Getting a job in the advertising field will be fulfilling to individuals who have a passion for doing market research and take satisfaction from interpersonal communication, creativity and doing sales.

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